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You need an ad agency to give you a sound advice on how to build your brand through Outdoor advertising or digital marketing, you can rely on us. We are sure to give you an unbiased opinion on how much to spend and where to spend depending on your budget.

Our execution level of Outddoor advertising spans across all media formats as well as across all cities on India.Our Digital marketing service has digital experts who will respect your media budget and would never let you over spend as well as getting you highest return on investment for your spend.

Also we do understand that not all media advertising activity are directly related to sales. So we never commit sales. But we also do understand that Sales and Revenue growth is the ultimate objective of all branding exercises. So we got you covered for the same.

Brandmaker333 will suyrely become your Brands best friend.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

We go beyond the routine SEO and SEM campaigns give better value to brand with various other digital tactics like affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, Digital PR etc.

TVC and Corporate Video Production

With 50 plus Audio Visuals made till date, we have have expertise of making all kinds of AV's. From Conceptualisation, scripting, casting, production, post-production, etc, we do it all.

Creative Desgning

We have a team of more than 20 Freelancing graphic designers and freelancing copy writers, who keep generating awesome creatives for our valuable clients. Outstanding creatives every single time.

Our Awesome Works

We are proud to work as media solution partners for some of the leading brands around India. We have built media strategies to keep our clients competitive.


Business without advertising is like winking at a girl in Dark. You know it. But she doesnt.

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Create Content, Publish Content, Amplify Content, Repeat!

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Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, But about the stories you tell.

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If it doesnt sell, It isnt Creative

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Why Us

Our Clients

Meet Our Team

Bidhan Biswas

Managing Director - Partner

He gets the adrenaline pumping in the organisation with his long motivational speeches to each and everyone. An over the top optimistic guy who is assigned with the task of running the show at Brandmaker333.
And with a MBA in Marketing and 7 plus years of media experience (as on Nov14) of companies like The Hindu, Times Of India, Zee Tv, CNBC TV 18 and JAM Magazine, he does it well.

Bharati Biswas

Managing Director - Partner

The better designation would be "The Ethical Manager". From time to time, she keep the company in check in terms of ethics and moral values.
Though she seldom visits the office, she keeps a tab on all the activities and ensures that things are being carried out ethically.

Nilima Biswas

Finance Head

With years of banking experience in banks like HDFC, ING Vyasa, Kotak and ICICI Bank, Nilima brings with her the knowledge of managing the finances. You will get a call from her when you default on payment terms.
Strict and getting things done. Thats all we can say.

Madhumita Mandal

Senior Editor and Copy writer

With a Post Graduation in Journalism and years of experience in companies like Star TV, Housing.com and top media agencies, the copy writing work of our agency is always in safe hands. Her wackiest, wittiest and smartest punch lines, the rich content and appropriate literature has raised the standard of many creatives many folds.
Thats exactly why we needed Madhu.

Himmat Patel

Media Executive

When we need a task getting done, we have our Man Friday right with us. Himmat, a young enthusiastic guy with flare to learn. He is assigned with the task of Media Buying and Media planning which is does excellently. In Brandmaker333 you would find the Word "Himmat" being spoken more than any other work. He heads the Outdoor Division of Brandmaker333.
The name says it all.

Kiran Pawaskar

Senior Buyer

Having more than 13 years of media buying experience (as on Jan 2019), Kiran has the most toughest job, BUYING. Its his accurate sense of pricing helps us fit huge media plans of client in tiny budgets. With expertise in PAN India buying across media formats, He is our backup for all the media buying Info
Dont get fooled by the smile. You sit with him for negotiations and you will surely hate him.

Isha Mehta

Visualiser and Senior Graphic Designer

Owner of her own ad agency, Omplyfyd, Isha was the first to hold on to the creatives realm of the Agency. All work was outsourced to her and she has churned out excellent creatives over the years for many of the clients of the agency. An expert on the graphic designing front, Isha goes into a killer instinct drive when she lays her hands on any creative project.
We call her Isha Ji.

Abhishek Singh

Senior Graphic Designer

When we have to think out of the box, Abhishek is the man for us. His extensive creative experience of more than 8 years addes immense value to every creative brief we tackle. Also a founder of ad agency Omplyfyd, he has extended immense support and creativity on all outsourced creative work of the agency over the years.
We love to call him the Silent Monk. Creatively spiritual.


Junior Happiness Executive

Junior Happiness Executive
The life of any company completely depends on the liveliness of its employees. And for the liveliness of Brandmaker333 we have Mishka with us. The most cheerful person among us all.
She is assigned with the task of smooth functioning of the agency and maintaining the Happiness Quotient. And she does this perfectly with her cute smile. Whenever she visits the office though.

Raghu Lodha

Marketing Manager

So all the SEM's and SEO's executed by the company are brain child of this gentleman. He is the "Yes" man for the client who will never backout from resolving any issue or doubt which client throw at him. Specially digital being so vast and confusing, clients are in good company with akshay around.
Plus he has the best job wherein he can be on Facebook the whole day without top boss getting angry about it.

Radhika Baria

Senior Copy Writer and Visualiser

Scripts, Blogs, Social Media Posts or Online Reputation Management. You name it and this young lady is capable of churning out words with finesse. With years of experience in Brand Communication, she is in tuned to the complex requirement of Brand positioning and Brand identity.
She is also an excellent artist by nature which inturn helps her at being an excellent visualiser.

Jennifer Albert

Fashion Stylist

We make sure that all our artist's and people in our videos look the best. Best in terms of being with the character they are playing. authentic. Neat. and thats why we need Jennifer onboard. With her education in Fashion Designing and vast experience in sourcing and hands on experience of working TV shoots for big brands, She is sure to get things right.
She is also one of the personal stylist of Renowned actor Mr. Nagarjuna. Thats says all about her.

Dhruv Desai


A highly experienced cinematographer who has worked on Movies, Corporate videos, TVC's of well known brand and even documentaries of big institutes like Shree Shirdi Sai Baba trust. His immense knowledge and passion is what helps us deliver best output in every video we shoot.
Passionate about watching every movie first day first show, he is kind of encyclopaedia on Cinematography.

Prekhar Verma

Production Manager

From choosing the right person for a particular role to handling all the elements of Production, he is the guy for us. Man Friday for all production work. "Live Camera Action" wont go ahead without Prekhar Ji (Thats what we call him) being on set.
He is also an excellent music composer and maximum ads and corporate videos made by us have original background score made by Prekhar. He is making waves in Bollywood music industry as a Music Director.

Ritesh Tare


(Staff accountants)Ritesh work under the supervision of a controller, director or certified public accountant (CPA). He maintain financial reports, records, and general ledgers; prepare and analyze budgets; and perform general bookkeeping.

Shrawanti Talla

Media Executive

She has been working in media for 2 years, both in product and service companies. Her specialties are information security and mobile development projects.
Shrawanti is good at communicating with people. She often puts opinion of outsourcing best practices.

Jitendra Mistry

Web Designer

Why I love working at BrandMaker? Because I’ve got the chance to learn from an awesome team, make friends, have fun together and improve my skills day by day!

Niranjan Sorte

Graphics Designer

Deadly combo for this young and soft spoken young lad. You will always find him engrossed in making designs or creatives. Probably because we have that amount of work. But its the other way round. We have so much creative work due to awesome graphic designer like him.

Deeksha Kotian

Media Executive

You call up the agency and most of the time you will be talking to Deeksha as she handles most of the client servicing for creatives. With her fine knowledge of designing and art and a spirit of a visualiser,

Mamta Kumawat

Seo Executive

She has been working in Seo Executive for 1 years.She has to have a blend of both technical knowledge, competence and skill as well as advanced interpersonal/people-reading skills too.

Gautam Singh

Senior Media Manager

An all rounder in business development and a client servicing expert, Gautam here brings an experience of over 12 years (as on Jan 2019). Plus the experience ranges from sales in the categories ranging from Telecom to IT to Hospitality to Media. Having patience to handle the most inquisitive of the client, he would stand even if bombarded with thousands of questions. Which he does get from time to time.
A Writer and a Poet and a Singer, all in one, he is a guy you can never get bored with.

Akshay Ghatge

Digital Marketing Manager

So all the SEM's and SEO's executed by the company are brain child of this gentleman. He is the "Yes" man for the client who will never backout from resolving any issue or doubt which client throw at him. Specially digital being so vast and confusing, clients are in good company with akshay around.
Plus he has the best job wherein he can be on Facebook the whole day without top boss getting angry about it.


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